Building Inspections Gladstone

Building Inspections Gladstone

Termi-build Gladstone provide thorough building and pest inspections. Pests (especially termites) can be almost impossible to detect without specialist equipment and extensive experience. If you are purchasing a new property a building and pest inspection could make the difference between buying quality or buying a disaster suffering from major damage and riddled with pests.

As we specialise in only comprehensive building and timber inspections and reports, you won’t be persuaded into unnecessary pest control treatments and packages. Pest control can be difficult and with our comprehensive reports you can be assured your pest controller will be receiving the best advice to target and eradicate the offenders.

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Our professional building and pest inspections are performed with the latest technology such as thermal imaging and moisture detection to seek out pest infestations.

We cover the internal structures such as flooring, walls ceiling, wardrobes/cabinetry, window and door architraves, skirting boards, laundries and bathrooms. External checks are just as thorough covering the roof, trusses, vents and skylights, guttering and downpipes, crawlspaces, under decks/verandahs, underneath the building and floors, cellars/storage areas, garages, workshops or any other out buildings. And we also inspect the surrounding landscape, retaining walls, fencing, soil, trees and tree stumps.

Structural Problems, Including:

  • Cracking & Movement;
  • Deformation;
  • Dampness;
  • Structural Timber Pest Damage

Additions & Improvements

Incomplete Construction

Serious Safety Hazards

Major Defects in Secondary & Finishing Elements

Conditions Conductive to Structural Damage, Including:

  • Defective Plumbing;
  • Roof Plumbing & Flashings;
  • Defective or Bridged Damp Proof Course;
  • Un-tradesman-like Work;
  • Trees & Shrubs;
  • Corrosion;
  • Lack of Sub Floor Ventilation

Minor Defects in the Condition of Non-Structural Elements

Feedback from our customers

Would definitely recommend 👌

Brendon provides a very informative, detailed and efficient report. Even does a walk of the job and provides further explanation of his report and helps settle any concerns you may have. Thanks again!

Ellie-May Billiau