Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections Gladstone

Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections Gladstone

Termi-build Inspections Gladstone offer detailed Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections and reports.

We will work for you, not the real estates. You can be reassured that you will be getting an unbiased honest assessment of the property. You will get your report the same day as the inspection, all defects listed in the report will have a colour photo attached if possible. Our reports are comprehensive and can be as long as 80 pages. We don’t just do a 30 minute walk around, we will be at the property for two hours inspecting all accessible areas

Our termite inspections are extremely thorough, and will include photos of any active termites, termite mudding, any damage caused by termites or bora, and any conducive conditions which may need rectifying to stop a potential termite infestation. We will recommend weather or not the property needs a  management program in accord with AS 3660-2000 to protect against subterranean termites.

Our Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections

Termi-build use the latest in technology with Flir E75 thermal imaging cameras, in conjunction with moisture meter’s, borescope, Digital levels and tapping tools. We use non-invasive tools and inspecting techniques as per AS4349 (Australian Standards) covering timber pest inspection, termite inspection, borer inspection and wood decay fungi (rot) inspection. We do not do just a 30minute walk around, our inspector will be on site normally for two hours covering every nook and cranny of the dwelling that is accessible as well up to 30metres of the yard from the main building for any building defect, safety issues or sign of timber pests or fungal decay.

Before you see termites in a home they may have already been working away destroying the structure for some time. Properties may have termites without the owners having any idea, or inspector Brendon Lawn knows exactly what to look for and can advise you on the best treatment and prevention methods.

The Building Inspection comments on any structural defects and conditions conducive to structural damage. In every inspection, a full thermal imaging scan will be done if needed internally to check for signs of water leaks. Also a thorough check of the shower area for leaks using the Tramex moisture meter. Up to 1 and five houses inspected have waterproofing issues and leaking showers, which could cost thousands to fix. Leaking showers left over time can cause serious frame damage and is conducive to termite infestation. The Building Inspection Report will contain a description of the property and the materials used in the construction of the building. The report will also highlight any areas the inspector was unable to access on the day of the property inspection. Photographs will show defects and/or areas of concern that the inspector has noticed in the course of the building inspection.

Our inspectors look at every accessible area in a building during our Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections. To get a quote please Contact Us

Timber Pest Inspection

Structural Problems Caused by Termites, Including:

  • Cracking & Movement;
  • Deformation;
  • Dampness;
  • Structural Timber Pest Damage, and active Termites

Conditions Conductive to Termite Infestation, Including:

  • Defective Plumbing;
  • Leaking bathrooms
  • Roof Leaks;
  • Fungal decay (rot)
  • Defective or Bridged Damp Proof Course and physical barrier;
  • Leaking stormwater pipes
  • Trees, stumps, sleepers & Shrubs/ gardens next to the walls
  • Aircon drains, hot water overflow drains
  • Presence of excessive moisture in walls
  • In adequate subfloor ventilation
  • Rusty stump caps
  • Insufficient slab edge exposure and bridging of the termite barrier.
  • Poor surface drainage

Signs of Timber Pests, Including:

  • Fungal Decay (rot);
  • Wood Borers;
  • Subterranean Termites (including evidence, location & extent of activity, mudding & damage);
  • Chemical Delignification.
  • Previous termite treatments (Drill holes, trenching, reticulation systems and baits)
  • Evidence of existing termite management programs (Durable notices)

Advice on termite prevention and maintenance

  • Our Inspector Brendon Lawn will recommend if a chemical treatment is recommend weather or not the property needs a management program in accord with AS 3660-2000 to protect against subterranean termites.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Inclusions

The following areas/issues are examples of what is examined:

Feedback from our customers

Brendan did a very nice and accurate report for a house I was going to buy saving me future costs! Thanks!

Paolo Corrada